Improve Your Chances of Finding The Right Guy

The dating scene can be a challenge for women, particularly those who have been living the single life for a significant amount of time. I’ve come to notice over the years, that many single women often complain about why they haven’t had much luck on the dating scene. How all of the good guys are married, taken or gay. How it’s everyone’s fault but their very own why they can’t find a man. Some women give up dating altogether, and there are others who settle for men that they know they don’t belong with. Now while, I’m no psycho-analyst expert I am in a relationship, a very happy one. And I have had lots of practice in the dating world myself to know enough about what I am about to share. [...]

Establishing Intimacy In Your Marriage

If you feel that your marriage has lost that loving feel and you don’t know what to do to get it back, no worries. Life happens to us all. And being able to set aside time for a romantic evening with your spouse can be a bit difficult depending on your schedules, if you have children, a heavy work load, maintaining the household and etc. And not everyone can afford a vacation getaway at anytime. Many couples find that that they’re not inclined to be physically or emotionally close when they haven’t spent a lot of time together. Emotional intimacy is undeniably intertwined with physical intimacy and it’s definitely something that you and your partner should make time to work on for sake of your relationship. The first thing to remember about being a couple, is that couples need quality time together and that begins with setting aside time for each other that isn’t about work, bills, household chores or the kids. [...]

How to Have A Healthy Loving Relationship

Relationships can be hard to maintain but not if the two people involved are willing to lend their entire self to making it work. It’s about enrichment. Your passion and committment to being the best person that you can be while bringing out the best in your partner. If you want a long-lasting loving relationship, then the 101 advice below will help. In cultivating a healthy relationship, you must be committed to building trust in your relationship as this is very important. Ask the important questions at the onset, to make sure you are both clear on the parameters of the relationship. If there is a slight sense of insecurity or wonder – talk about it and clear the air. This helps to eliminate any misunderstanding and confusion. A relationship built on trust and honesty builds a platform of common ground. helps you to avoid any misunderstandings and confusion. [...]