Loving Your Man The Right Way

Learning to love a man the right way isn’t something that should be motivated by lust, sexual pleasures, and wanting to feel needed. Instead it should be motivated by the genuine devotion of wanting to build a happy long lasting successful relationship with a man whom you feel is not only worthy — but someone who has been divinely favored just for you.

First, you will need to think about your goals, your priorities and if this man adds to the quality of your life.  No one is perfect.  But it’s very important to have a good understanding of the kind of man you want to be apart of your life.

  • Make him feel secure. Always let your man know that his thoughts and feelings are just as important to you as your own. Men love a woman who listens to them and they love to be able to express themselves without being told that their thoughts are stupid or illogical. Listening instills a feeling of worthiness in him. And he will gladly reciprocate the very same to you in return.
  • Thank your man for something everyday. Men need this kind of encouragement regularly.
  • Men love tenderness and affection. They may not express a significant need for it as often as women do, but they do like it. You do not necessarily have to give hugs and kisses 100% of the time. Men love back rubs or a massage to the shoulders especially after a hard days work. They like to be asked how their day went, if they need anything or even for you to surprise him by cooking his favorite meal every once in a while. Be sure to seal it by saying I love you. Men like to feel nurtured and making such kind gestures makes them feel appreciated and loved.
  • When things go wrong, instead of assessing blame on him, focus on how you both can do better.  Talk and communicate openly.  The common goal between you and your man should always be about what can be done to either change or correct the situation. Criticizing him and talking at him, instead of to him not only makes him feel that what he says doesn’t matter but it is also emasculating. Men should never be made to feel like there is some sort of power struggle going on between him and his woman and it is very unbecoming when a woman attempts to try to be the man and the woman in the relationship. You are not a man and should not be trying to think like one. Relationships where the roles are constantly being involuntarily put in reverse by either partner never work out. Instead, let your man know that no matter how challenging things may get that you will be there to stand by and support him no matter what happens.

Having a sense of security is the base of every relationship. Men need to feel this just as much as women. Make him feel loved and together you will create a long lasting relationship that generates positive feelings for each other.

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